The Rainbow application is useful to transfer files from one cloud service to another or to share files from any (or multi) cloud services with a link or even to simultaneously transfer files from many cloud services to a folder in a cloud service. Currently, the Rainbow application supports thirteen cloud services: Box, Copy, Dropbox, Google Drive, Hubic, iDrive, Mediafire, Mega, OneDrive, pCloud, Pogoplug, ShareFile, Sugarsync, and you can connect to as many accounts as one wishes.

The new version (Android 2.3) adds one more exciting feature. Now, you can backup a folder from any account to any account. In order to preserve battery, the Rainbow application will take a backup of that folder only when you open the application.

The process is extremely easy to use, and as with the one to transfer files / folders, it consists of 4 simple steps:

1) Select the account that you want to back up the folder from

2) Select the folder that you want to back up (source folder)

3) Select the account that you want to back up the selected folder to

4) Select the folder (target folder) that the selected folder should be backed up to

You are done! Every time you open the Rainbow application, all the new files / folders that are added in the source folder will be transferred to the target folder!!!

The iOS version is also ready, and it soon will be available for download

You can download the application from Google Play at


or you can visit the site for more information